Game Development

GAME STORY PROGRESSION. After consulting with a friend who does creative writing, we decided started brainstorming about how the game could make the player feel immersed. the main premise of the game is that you can play as a variety of characters, and all these characters have the ability to gain unique powers by attaining coltan. we discussed that, in the not so distant future where this game takes place, most people on earth now have this stuff in their body for some reason, and they need it to survive, maybe not so drastic but the overall idea is to create urgency. i want to keep the game simple but interesting, so the premiss is that you play as a character of your choice, best suited for the mission at hand, and by finding this substance your experience is enhanced because it could help fuel your stamina or focus if your human, but if you play as a robot/drone it would effect you in a different way. i like the idea that the main cast of the game are a group of bounty hunters, who infiltrate bases and mines and all kinds of different areas, this gives each charter their own speciality, and a range of weapons and gadgets, also different clothing and styles. i also had the idea that maybe the robot was used by the bounty hunters as a commodity, so if they got enough coltan, they could power him for the next mission, and obviously the robot would make the mission way easier, because it has different skills and is less vulnerable.


my game is set in a made up place.

my main characters are bounty hunters, scavengers who are trying to find expensive resources.

the player will choose their character on the basis that the characters skill set is appropriate for the mission.

the missions will be infiltration and stealth based. the main bulk of the game will be set incities and villages and mines, possibly jungle also.

I have included a futuristic drone that will, for some players, act as the most desirable character to play as.

my game takes place 50 years in the future.

i want my game to show a slice of the world, so the player will see what i choose and i won’t have to go into to much detail on why things are they way they are.

as the players go through the missions there will be a featured game dynamic that allows players to enhance their gaming experience, by collecting the mineral they are searching for they gain access to different gadgets and abilities.

a concept my friend ran by me was that in the future where my game takes place, people have this rare mineral inside them, it possibly makes them stronger or acts as an artificial immune system.

the conflict in the game will be based around the struggle and demand for control of this substance.

Drone concept sketch. Needs allot more work but I can see potential in the concept of this character, needs to look more convincing.

wordpress image 1I want something that looks original and influenced by military technology, or at least how i imagine it will look in the near future. i looked at military drones and jets, i also looked at a few games that i thought would help influence the design process.drone final
I have added further detail to the design, i want the drone to be more scrawny, and yet more powerful than human characters, i also need to design a chamber on its chest where it can quickly store coltan when it finds it. The I’mage below is another potential design I’m working on, I’m trying to find the best design for body joints, that look believable and interesting at the same time.drone design 2


i also made this quick sketch of the same character in a slightly different position, drawing less tight so i can get a feel for the character and how muscular he should be. I’m trying to consider how futuristic the characters outfit should be. i want a mix of normal clothing and armour with additional futuristic tactical equipment. i think allot of new games are to overloaded with full body suits of armour that end up looking generic because everyone designs their version of futuristic armour in a similar way, but i think that looking at current military design is a better source of inspiration.

soldier concept 1

Today in class 18th feb I talked with my tutor and we discussed where I should go with my project. I made a quick story board showing my initial plans for my animation. I need to draw out a finalised story board and look at how to make the character look more real and interesting.

After looking at the work of Kim Jong Gi I want to try and apply some of his style to my work. It has the fast placed fluidity that my research into concept art has shown me i need to improve on.

I am also thinking about trying to change my narrative slightly, making it less of an apocaliptic story line, and just about a bounty hunter/ thief and his robot.

I must make a varied range of character designs that i can create a more effective set of characters with.

for my flash animation I will make studies into motion capture and how to effectively set up action scenes and framing.



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